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About us

We're building a community and creating memories, all while sharing experience and knowledge. We provide support to individuals undergoing a transformational human experiences, ranging from conception to parenting, and encompassing all pregnancy outcomes. Créations Partage was conceived from a collective vision of a space where parents and children could flourish together as a community. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of this community.


Créations Partage aims to provide a dynamic meeting space tailored to the needs of families. The primary goal is to offer resources, workshops, and a sense of community.


Créations Partage provides services for young families, from the prenatal period to early parenthood. We foster an inclusive community of parents, highlighting their knowledge and life experiences. Additionally, we collaborate with members and local businesses.


At Créations Partage, we live and breathe for our values. We are open to all types of families and their individual experiences. Education is provided by and for the community. We believe in Sharing of experiences, knowledge and decision making. Community is at the core of our services.

Meet our team

Chanel St-Louis

She/Her/Elle - Membre producteur

Chanel, a mother of two young children, has found that parenthood deeply changed her outlook on life. This transformation ignited her interest in the perinatal period. She is merging her past teaching experience and her aspiration to share knowledge in a way that empowers new parents to experience their parenting journey as they have always dreamed. Chanel is a certified babywearing consultant with the National Institute of Babywearing (INPE) and a doula.

Chanel - Gatineau Doula
Hannah - Gatineau Doula

Hannah Zanovello

She/Her - Membre producteur

As a mother of three young children, Hannah understands the beauty and challenges of parenting, underscoring the importance of community support during this life phase. Hannah is a birth doula, a peer breastfeeding counselor (La Leche League), an artist, and a childbirth educator.

Hannah employs arts education to devise family-centered activities. These activities are process-based and tailored to children’s developmental stages. Additionally, she artfully uses materials to commemorate moments like pregnancy (through belly casting), hand molds (using plaster), and more.

Kaëlla Charette

She/Her/Elle - Membre producteur

Kaella is not only a Doula, but also the proud owner of the business Kaella la Doula. She brings her expertise and passion to the table as a consultant in the development of the cooperative. Kaella is actively involved in the cooperative’s democratic decision-making processes, ensuring that all voices are heard and respected. Her extensive knowledge of perinatal needs is unparalleled, especially within the Outaouais region. This stems from her diligent work in this area over the past five years. She is deeply committed to providing the best possible care and support for the families she serves.

Carlie - Gatineau Doula

Carlie Aubertin

She/Her - Membre producteur

Carlie, a devoted mother of one, discovered her profound connection with the miracle of creating life during her journey from conception to birth. Enamored by the resilience of the human body, she developed a deep appreciation for the strength inherent in the process. Drawing from her experiences as an Au Pair in Spain and an elementary school English teacher in China, Carlie has always harbored a genuine passion for children. This passion extends to her community, where she is dedicated to providing support to young families, ensuring they feel empowered and nurtured in creating their new lives.


Katie St-Louis

She/Her/Elle - Membre producteur

Katie is a dedicated professional who has spent a significant portion of her career as a special aid educator in an elementary school, dedicating her time and efforts to helping children thrive. Her life took a turn when she herself became a mother, leading her to develop a newfound interest in the world of perinatal care and early childhood development. This personal journey has led her to further expand her professional skills and offerings.  Katie is offering workshops on baby sign language, a wonderful tool that promotes early communication and bonding between parents and their infants.

Carole-Ann Filiatreault

She/Her/Elle - Membre de soutien

Carole-Ann has a strong interest in sexual and reproductive health and rights. She has been a doula since 2020 and participates in several community-driven organizations in the field. She studied social work and champions diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppression. Currently, she is working on reforming child and family services provided to Indigenous children.