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Become part of YOUR Social Enterprise

In becoming a member with Créations Partage, you are choosing to take part in YOUR social enterprise.


By joining Créations Partage as a support member, you actively participate in YOUR social enterprise. We create a welcoming space for families to connect, tailoring it to the needs of future parents, new parents, and young families. We offer resources, workshops, and a sense of community. As a support member, you will contribute based on your availability. We’ll contact you for volunteer opportunities and value your feedback to enhance our services. You confirm your belief in this project’s importance and express your desire for involvement according to your preference—occasional, intermittent, or frequent!


Join us as an auxiliary member, and we stand ready to support you throughout your journey within our cooperative. We provide a welcoming meeting place tailored to the needs of prospective parents, new parents, and young families. We grant access to resources, workshops, and a sense of community.

During your initial three months, you’ll have the chance to explore our community, utilize our resources, and actively engage in our activities. While also being encouraged to offer your services. Subsequently, the cooperative’s Board of Administrators will assess your dedication, and be invited to integrate you as a producer member. Next you’ll receive an invitation to acquire a social share.

At Créations Partage, we champion collaboration and community as catalysts for excellence in the perinatal field. We urge you to share your ideas, take part in our educational programs, and contribute to our nurturing and innovative community.