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Parent + Baby coffee chats

Learn more about the postpartum phase of life while living through it!

Chat with professionals

A new professional, who brings fresh perspectives and insights, gets invited to these chats every time, offering a valuable opportunity for parents to come together, learn from their expertise, and engage in a chat with each other.


Share your knowledge

At Créations Partage, we firmly believe that each parent is the expert of their baby, possessing a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experiences that are not only worth sharing but also serve as the foundation for fostering meaningful connections and empowering collective learning within our community.

Chat with our community

Come join us at our Parent Partage group, where you can not only socialize and meet new friends but also engage in enriching chats and activities that emphasize the essence of sharing experiences and insights amongst fellow parents, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for collective growth and camaraderie.

Coffee Chats

Here is what we have coming up!

Parent Partage – Sevrage nocturne & arrêt du cododo // Night weaning and transition from bedsharing

22 mai 9h30 à 11h // May 22nd 9.30AM to 11AM


Parent Partage – Sommeil & intégration à la garderie // Sleep and daycare integration

17 juillet 9h30 à 11h // July 17th 9.30AM to 11AM


Parent Partage – La préparation du retour au travail // Preparing for returning to work

15 Mai 9h30 à 11h // May 15th 9.30AM to 11AM


Parent Partage – Intégration des solides// Introducing solids to baby

5 Juin 9h30 à 11h // June 5th 9.30AM to 11AM


Parent Partage – Santé mental parental// Parental mental health

26 juin 9h30 à 11h // June 26th 9.30AM to 11AM