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Postnatal yoga

Regain strength and find balance after childbirth while meeting other parents and enjoying yoga.
prenatal yoga instructor

Meet your postnatal yoga teacher

Jeanne Beaudry

In 2007, Jeanne started practicing yoga, progressing from physical to spiritual aspects. This journey led her to complete a 200-hour teacher training in 2015 and specialize in yoga for birthing bodies after experiencing two transformative births. Jeanne believes in the inseparability of yoga and spirituality and now guides others toward inner alignment through her Art&Yoga business.

Postnatal yoga with your baby

In addition to our curriculum, our classes incorporate interactive exercises designed to foster bonding between you and your baby. These activities are crafted to enhance the parent-child connection, fostering a nurturing environment that supports both of you in your journey together.


Supportive community

Joining our yoga classes provides an opportunity to connect with other new parents who are experiencing similar joys and challenges. You’ll have a supportive network of individuals who understand and can offer valuable insights and encouragement.


Strengthen your body

Incorporating gentle yet effective yoga poses, our classes aim to tone your body, focusing on areas such as the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, and back, all of which are crucial for postpartum recovery. This not only contributes to improved posture and core strength but also enhances overall well-being during this transformative period of parenthood.


Upcoming Sessions

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Yoga Postnatal / Postnatal Yoga

Les mercredis du 8 mai au 12 juin de 10h30 à 11h30 / On Wednesdays from May 8th to June 12th – 10.30AM to 11.30AM


Yoga Postnatale à la carte / Drop-in Postnatal Yoga