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Private Prenatal Classes

Learn from from a private prenatal class in the comfort of your home. 

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Private Prenatal Class

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Late pregnancy

What is your unique situation? By having a private prenatal class, we can explore your specific mindset in the context of late pregnancy, and what you can do before birth to help you prepare for the big moment and beyond. What can you expect? We examine the changes to come in late pregnancy and what signs of labor can look like. Preparing for feeding an infant comes into play as well. We explore how you can create the most comfortable nest for you and your baby, as well as how to build a true support network of family and friends.

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Labour and birth

During your private prenatal classes, we take a close look at the different phases of labor and how they differ from one another. Learn about what comfort measures might work best for you in your labor and birth. Practice how your birthing support person can be there every step of the way. What are routine examinations and tests administered by health professionals during labor and birth, and what are their potential outcomes?

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Infant feeding

At your private prenatal we look at the what, how and why of breast and chest feeding. Knowing what to expect helps ease this unique transition into parenthood. Preparation looks like: establishing your support network, understanding the mechanics, exploring your mindset and identifying resources. What are some alternatives to breast and chest feeding, and what are their advantages and disadvantages? We provide evidence based research and help you envision your infant feeding plan. We discuss: troubleshooting, feeding alternatives and paced bottle feeding.

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Fourth trimester

To prepare yourself for your unique transition into parenthood, learn about what you, your partner and your family can expect. At your private prenatal class we envision this phase of life before it arrives can help to adapt to scenarios that may seem unpredictable or untangiable. Learn about this once in a lifetime period and what may be in store hormonally, emotionally and physically. We present evidence based research around postpartum mental health, which helps to identify red flags and what to do if they appear. We help you devise a plan that prioritizes rest and recovery after your birth.

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“They are an exceptional resource and shared tons of information with us.”

Kelly Symes

Mother of 1

“I only wish we had known about them earlier on in our pregnancy!”

Savanah Ashton

Mother of 3

“Best decision ever to have Création Partage part of my birthing care team”

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Mother of 2

Our prenatal classes are centered around you and your support person. We can address your needs, ideas and worries and go at your own rhythm. 


Our prenatal classes are given by experienced doulas and child birth educators who have attended births in many different settings. 

Yes! Our prenatal classes will be right for you no matter how you are building your family. 

Great question! We like to offer both, because we know that you are not a one-size-fit-all. Private prenatal classes are very personalized and allow you more time to go over your questions. This also happens in the comfort of your home. Group classes provide you with the opportunity to create a community prenatally, that you can access postpartum. 

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