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This donation will help us significantly in our mission to offer a friendly meeting place, which will be designed to meet the needs of future and new parents and young families, giving them access to resources, workshops and a community.

This will enable us to :

– Support more families during the perinatal period;

– Continue to diversify our workshop offerings;

– Become officially established in our own facility;

– Purchase materials specific to our services.


The co-op is non for profit, but  we do not receive significant government funding.

Accessibility to our services is an important factor for us.

By donating an amount to this campaign, you help us accumulate funds that will be directed towards free or reduced birth support for a family that could not otherwise afford it.

Your donation will eventually offer:

– Prenatal courses and birth preparation;

– The presence of a doula during childbirth;

– Postnatal support;

– Support for breastfeeding/chestfeeding.

Every dollar counts.Birth Support has value of approximately $1500!