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Becoming a parent is a transformational and unique journey and finding reliable resources with a community can help through the highs and lows, as well as the every day. That’s why Doulas came together to create this parenthood community.


We provide evidence based research, and encourage informed decision making. From classes online or in person, to doula services and yoga, we offer lots!


You've just had a baby and you need some guidance? Are you looking for a community to support you through this new journey? We offer different ways for you to make the connection you crave.


It takes a village and we are aware of that. At Créations Partage we hope to create a community of parents that support each other.
About Créations Partage
Doulas who are members of the parenthood community

We offer support to new and seasoned parents.

This includes:

  • Prenatal workshops 

  • Babywearing workshops

  • Birth doula services

  • Postpartum services

  • Parenthood Community events

Becoming a parent is a transformational and unique journey- finding reliable resources and community can help through the highs and lows, as well as the every day.

Read what our clients have to say about us:

We are a social enterprise!

Community and parenthood is at the heart of our project.

Our Parenthood Community
About our Logo

Two hands overlap. Like a Venn Diagram, they have things in common, but remain different. The hands are those of parents and their child or children- both are connected yet remain separate individuals with their own needs, personalities and desires.


To us, it is important to respect individuality, to practice active listening and empathy in the face of change. Our logo also represents the sharing of intergenerational knowledge, community and love.

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