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Clarence’s birth

Maman: Julie P.

One Saturday around 9 p.m., I had light cramps like during my periods, I was happy! The waves (contractions) began. I was no longer comfortable sitting on the ball, so I watched TV standing up, moving and repeating to myself “I’m savoring the moment and letting go” “I’m moving with and for my baby”.
The day before, I had had my 4th stripping at the birth center. This finally motivated baby to come.
An hour later, the waves were more regular. Even though this was my second, I had attended the Birth Center’s prenatal class (excellent!!) and had made a mental note to take a nice bath before thinking of calling our midwife. Which I did, and sent a message to Kaëlla. Around midnight, the waves became more intense and closer together. I had asked my partner to add an application to his cell phone to record the waves.

We called Kaëlla. The waves were close together and intense, so she came to the house. I wanted to labour at home as much as possible and I succeeded thanks to her help. Honestly, I couldn’t have done all this work without her support. Despite the pain, I felt safe and confident with her presence by my side. We called our midwife and by 2 a.m. we were at the birth center. I was so happy to know that I was dilated to 7! It encouraged me and gave me the strength to get through the most intense waves! The positive energy of my midwife on arrival also gave me strength. She believed in me, that my birth would go well. And of course, Kaëlla did everything for my comfort and well-being.

My midwife asked me if I’d like to go in the bath? Why not, I thought. It was an excellent suggestion, as I’d been having hypnotherapy sessions to prepare for childbirth, and my place of calm was the lake at my house in the country. The bath water had a calming effect, which I really needed. Finally, I went in the bath. Holding my partner’s hand with all my strength with each wave. At one point, he left to look after our boy in the visitors’ room as a wave was coming in! Oh no! Where’s his hand? (I was on my knees, my left arm on the edge of the bath, my forehead on that arm and my right hand holding my partner’s hand). I had a moment of panic, but was quickly reassured by Kaëlla’s hand. Phew!

When I was tense with pain, she would remind me to relax and give the baby room to come down.
I remember her whispering in my ear, “Each wave brings you closer to the baby”. I was tired, and this phrase gave me a second wind. Instead of seeing the waves as a source of pain, I saw them positively, as I was soon to meet my baby.

When it was time to push, I gave it my all! He was born at 6 am in the water. I was exhausted, but at the same time, I felt really powerful!

If you had one tip to share with futur parents in regards to birth, what would it be? Give yourself the services of a doula.

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